69E.co Eco solutions and Innovation
Innovations for a Brighter and Environmentally Safe Future
69E.co Eco solutions and Innovation

Welcome to 69E.co

Innovation / Invention / Design / Engineering and process development for a better and environmentally safe future.

Patents pending: Investment opportunities coming soon.

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The Future is now.

If you care for the environment and want to reduce your Carbon footprint, save on electricity bills and lead an efficient green lifestyle then I and others are working for those with these goals.

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Inventor and Innovator T.Bond

The world is unfortunately cursed with scientists and big corperations who when implementing a process or product only look at it from one Angle, commercial gains. Very few look at the big picture from numerous angles, very few think about the knock on implications of their product/design or process. With a very successful background in Innovation and doing what one can to protect the environment during any inventions creation. My aims have always been to innovate with the Planet and it's inhabitants in mind.

Some of my inventions and innovations do have a commercial angle tied with their green initiatives, some are designed to help alleviate or remove the problems associated with other designs or processes that are actually detrimental to the Environment. Some are designed in relation to process streamlining or development, some are literally New and exciting in every way. Having worked within Innovations and R&D for a long time, I have seen my designs go from simple concept and drawings to then professional drawings, prototype construction, through to actual manufacture and implementation. The results of my works actually working in reality as I envisaged is a wonderful reward, driving my creativity ever further.

Learn how to go Green, learn about green energy systems, how they work and what methods are out there:

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Build you own DIY Electric car, even Tom Hanks is in on the act:

Build your own Solar water heater saving thousands:

To know you have invented or have created/built something that is there in front of you working is an amazing reward. Unfortunately for me the companies previously worked for own the rights to my Inventions (Budding Innovators make sure you always read the Small print).

So since learning very young that basically others were making the financial gains from my Brain's Innovations and Ideas I began wising up fast, laws and rights don't often enter a Bright young mind until the questions start dawning, why are they getting the Big bonuses? Why are they capitalising from my ideas and not me?. During my youth I was always inventing, building models of my ideas and creating Art works, I may be odd but I actually find it fun, a Geek you could call me. It runs in my blood, I come from a long line of inventors,engineers and Scientists and to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way.

I decided with 69 E.co to bring some of my more environmentally friendly Innovations to the Fore as well as others along with helping inspire others to get creative. I chose the number significantly to symbolise the symbiosis of opposites and the concept of bringing balance to everything in a way reflecting Natures own way of finding an Equilibrium in everything. I have numerous 69 Based domains but this one being important due to the above and my Mission to help clear up the messes made by Ignorant members of the Human race and help protect our susceptible Planet and Beyond, far into the Universe.

Welcome to 69 E.co 

Current Patent Pending:

The Wind Turbine Buffer:

A universal and adaptable solution to the problems Wind Turbines and Wind Farms cause:

Wind Turbine Buffer ' Patent Pending '.

Click on Banner or visit www.WindTurbineBuffer.com / www.WindTurbinebuffer.co.uk

Independent Research into the effects of on and Offshore Wind farms pending.

New subject Areas for the Future of Science in the Cosmos:

As well as many more.

If you have a spare moment it would be a real pleasure if you would listen to some of my Musical creations, Music is but another passion of mine, again the drive to create stimulates my Soul, some Classical and New Age through to Dance and Trance:


Another of my passions and areas of expertise:


69E.co Eco solutions and Innovation
www.69E.co Ecologically and Environmentally friendly Designs/Innovation and applications for a better relationship with Earth and Beyond.